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At Waldron Area Schools, our students feel the difference.  For some students, it is the first time they have ever experienced success.  Our teachers and support staff are excellent in:

Meeting every student’s unique needs.  Each student has different strengths and we work to expand on those strengths to enable students to be confident in who they are and their great potential.

Being patient when students require more time and more intervention, both in academic skills and all important social skills.

Creating a nurturing environment where students learn to respect themselves and can then learn to respect those around them.

Being role models that help students see how interactions should take place and how learning can be fun and challenging!

At Waldron, we are training students for life, not for state or local testing.  Here is what that looks like:

*In the Elementary, students are instructed primarily in Literacy skills.  They learn how to read, how to interpret what they read, and how to express themselves in writing.  Students also learn the basic math skills and the many applications of those skills.

*In Middle and High School, students are exposed to the world of jobs and vocational skills, as well as college and other post-secondary (after high school) training opportunities.  Work-based learning, job-shadowing, Career center (in 3 different counties), Dual enrollment, and Early Middle college are what our students are prepping for as they discover their interests and their passions.

At Waldron Area Schools we believe education is more than just reading and writing and arithmetic.  Much, much more.  Our teachers and staff are in the business of preparing young people for life. We believe every student deserves to have an exceptional educational experience that will lead to success in all areas of their lives, including great jobs and careers, healthy relationships, and confidence in a bright future. 

If you would like to learn more, please give me a call.

Jack Ledford, Superintendent

Waldron Area Schools


cell 231-342-0877