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Supporting Our Students

At Waldron Area Schools we believe ALL students have great potential.  Our mission is to create an environment where we help each student find their potential, enjoy the learning process, and look forward to a great future.  Here are just a few examples of what we are doing to support our students:

*We have two Literacy Coaches who are experts in both literacy development and special needs accommodations.  These coaches work directly with students and teachers to develop and implement our literacy strategies for K-12.

*We have hired and trained four additional Instructional Aides to give students greater one on one and small group instructional support.  This extra support helps our students to make more rapid gains. These vital support personnel work primarily in the elementary, but are also utilized in the middle school and high school as needed. 

*We send students to the Hillsdale Area Career Center.  However, the programs at HACC are limited, so we also send students to the Branch Area Careers Center and the Lenawee County ISD Tech Center to get the training needed in Automotive Tech, Auto-body, Culinary Arts, Metal Fabrication, and Agriculture Sciences. 

*We partner with businesses and government agencies to provide students with work-based learning experiences and job-shadowing opportunities to explore the real world of vocation, commerce, and government.

*Students throughout our High School take college courses from a variety of colleges to get a head start on a college career AND continue on their path to High School graduation.

*We have the services of the Hillsdale ISD EI team in the building, which includes specially trained teachers, support staff, and counselors for special needs students and students who are in need of mental/social emotional health support.

*We refer students to the Hillsdale County Court system to get the support of a county Probation Officer, local law enforcement, and other accountability measures.

As we continue to serve our students with a variety of opportunities to meet each unique need, we are always looking for ways to improve.  If you have ideas, suggestions, or even criticism, please give me a call, text, or stop in.  I would love to hear from you!

Jack Ledford, Superintendent
Waldron Area Schools
Cell:  231-342-0877