School Safety

Waldron Area Schools Safety Protocols

 Waldron Area Schools is committed to keeping students and staff safe by following these procedures: 

  • Using hydrostatic cleaning and sanitizing methods on a daily basis throughout the building.
  • Following Health Department guidelines for quarantining for staff and students who have been exposed to Covid 19.
  • Monitoring students and staff for illness and sending them home if any illness is present or detected.
  • Encouraging parents/guardians to keep students home who may be ill or show symptoms of illness.
  • Continuing handwashing and hand sanitizing guidelines from the 2020-2021 school year. 
  • Mask will NOT be required for staff and students in the school building and grounds.  Masks are currently required when students and staff are transported by bus.
  • Waldron Area School District will continue to be in contact with Michigan Health and Human Services officials for the latest information regarding Covid 19 outbreaks, recommendations, and mandates.

For more information on school safety protocols, please visit: